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Miami Alkaline Water

473 ML Spring Water - WATER FOR ALL

473 ML Spring Water - WATER FOR ALL

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The "Water for All" mission advocates for equitable access to clean drinking water, aiming to make it a global reality.

By selling spring water in aluminum cans, they promote sustainability, reducing plastic waste while providing a refreshing and eco-friendly hydration option for everyone, aligning profit with the purpose for a healthier planet.


Miami Spring Water bottles are aluminum.  That means it’s infinitely recyclable and recycled most often about 70% more than its plastic equivalent.


Water is stored in Aluminum cans, that stay cold longer & BPA free.

Aluminum is about 1300X more thermally conductive than plastic.  Yep, you read that right.  That means your water gets cold, much faster.


Spring Water uses only pure single-sourced Georgia spring water.  It comes from a Federally protected spring in the rainiest county in the US.

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